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8 Important Health Benefits Of Safed Musli

Posted by Admin on December, 16, 2019

Safed musli is a very popular tonic herb in India which is also called as white musli, Indian spider pant, swetha musli, dhol musli, etc.

These thorny aphrodisiac plants have several therapeutic and medicinal properties, especially its seeds and tuberous roots. In fact, safed musli is hugely used in Ayurveda and Herbal Science too in several nourishing therapies.

Medicinal properties of Safed Musli:
Safed musli is enriched with a number of medicinal properties such as –
• Anti-inflammatory
• Anti-cancer
• Anti-arthritic
• Androgenic
• Adaptogenic
• Alternative
• Tonic
• Galactogogue
• Antioxidant
• Aphrodisiac
• Erectogenic
• Antacid
• Cardioprotective
• Anti-stress
• Immunomodulatory
• Antihyperlipidemic

Health benefits of safed musli:
A lot of ayurvedic practices include the roots of safed musli. It is commonly used for its erectogenic and aphrodisiac properties. Here are some common benefits of consuming safed musli regularly.

1. Weight gain
The regular consumption of safed musli helps the body of an underweight person to gain the required nutrition and to increase weight. Nutritionists advise for taking musli with milk for better results. It is good for those too who have a weak appetite or ill liver function. Safed musli suppliers in Uttar Pradesh provide safed musli capsules and powders online too.

2. Oligospermia
The consumption of safed musli also helps in the treatment of oligospermia and also advances the count, motility, liquefaction, and volume. It also improves the levels of serum testosterone and testicular functions. It is admired for its spermatogenic effects in Ayurveda.

3. Nocturnal emission
Nocturnal emission is the effect of wet dreams or night fall and according to Ayurveda, it occurs due to pitta and vata dosha. Safed musli acts both on vata and pitta dosdha. It has calming effects which calm down all the triggering effects on mind such as thinking, dreams, watching television, etc.

4. Erectile dysfunction
It is one of the best benefits offered by safed musli. Regular consumption of safed musli can provide strength to the penile tissues, offers hardness, and help the consumer to achieve longer erections. It mainly acts by improving hormone profile and it encourages spermatogenesis.

5. Lactation
Safed musli has galactagogue properties and thus it helps in breast milk production. If it is consumed with a few specific herbs like cumin and brown sugar then it is more efficient for making breast milk production.

6. Extreme weakness and fatigue
Supplements and tablets for safed musli actually reduce fatigue and make people strong. So, if you are getting fatigued and feeling weak for a longer time, you can consume this herb as a fruitful remedy. But remember to consume it on a regular basis to get the best of it.

7. Diabetes Mellitus
Normally safed musli is effective for the Diabetes Mellitus patients due to its antidiabetic, antihyperglycemic, and antioxidant properties. Although the treatment effects of diabetes can differ with the weight and body strength of the patients. Most importantly, weak, thin, or underweight diabetic patients may not get the desired results with safed musli.

8. Arthritis & joint pain
Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, safed musli reduce joint inflammation in arthritis patients.

Safed musli exporters in Uttar Pradesh provide supreme quality products to their national and international customers and thus if you want to achieve the benefits of this herb in your life purchase more of it.

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